“Corrective and Preventative with Skin Boosters”

– Nurse Linh, Founder

Imagine the most expensive eye cream injected right into your skin! That is what skin boosters are. We are able to apply this all over your neck, face, decollete, and hands. Anywhere that needs rehydration and revitalization.

What Exactly is Skin Boosters?

We use Redensity 1 from Teosyal, an award-winning, high-quality skin revitalizer, designed in Geneva, Switzerland. It fuels your skin to fight the skin to fight the signs of aging. It is composed of 8 amino acids, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B6, 2 minerals and 3 antioxidants. You can see why this is easily one of our favorite treatments.

We recommend 3 treatments, 1 month apart. You will get 67%-83% improvement in radiance, hydration, fine lines and wrinkles after your first 3 treatments. One the full treatment protocol has been completed; the results will last up to a year. To maintain your results, 2 yearly sessions are required.

Does This Treatment Hurt?

A nurse will assess your skin at the time of your appointment, apply topical numbing to help reduce any discomfort and perform micro injections evenly across the areas of treatment.

The Beginning Starts With a Consultation

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Author: Yuly F.