Covid 19 Re-Opening as of June 1, 2020

As of May 26 2020, the Ministry of Health Ontario has launched a directive #2 to allow regulated health workers to re-open services. Finally, the day has come and Bare Beauty is able to re-open our doors to clients. But before we do so, we have to ensure we are maintaining safe implementations. Here is what Bare Beauty will be doing to ensure the safety of our clients and our staff.


  • Clients will be screened over the phone or electronically through Instagram or via email for symptoms of Covid-19 before coming into an appointment.
  • Upon entering the clinic, clients will be screened again by a staff at Bare Beauty to ensure optimal health.
  • For reference, clients may refer click here for a list of signs and symptoms of Covid-19
  • All visitors are to sign in electronically at the front desk


  • To ensure we are following the principles of distancing, we are accepting one client at a time and no extra guest are welcome to your appointment.
  • Limit the amount of items brought to the appointments, jackets and bags left in the vehicle if possible.
  • All clients will be required to wash their hands with soap and water upon entering the clinic.


  • All clients will be required to wear gloves and mask when possible.
  • Cashless payments are recommended if possible.
  • Extra time will be necessary between clients to ensure sterility of the rooms before and after procedures.
  • Frequently touched areas will be cleaned after contact with a person. Please limit the areas you are touching.

Thank you for your understanding. Let’s get you all glam’ed up for summer 2020