Benefits of Cheek Fillers

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As Dr. Arthur Swift would say, “It is easy to dump a load of fillers into someone’s cheeks, any injector can do that. But what clients really need is lifting in precise areas, to highlight the cheeks where light reflects. This is ultimately what our clients need – and in the most economical way.”

What Happens?

If you look at the aging anatomy, the human body begins to weaken with age. Natually, aging will affect bone density, tissue strength and skin health. Our bones naturally thin with age, and so do the surrounding tissues and skin. As we enter into middle age, the weakening of facial muscles and fat will cause loose and sagging skin.

What Can be Done?

So, you ask yourself…what can be done other than staying active, eating right or even potentially surgery?

Dermal fillers can safely help restore volume loss. Fillers in the cheeks is the first area injected to support multiple areas affected by aging facial anatomy. Fillers are placed in the upper cheekbones to lift and support the cheeks from falling with gravity. Cheek fillers also support the tear troughs, laugh lines and contours the entire face.